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December 8
Hah, I'm abck from the dead :p But this site isn't. We will soon be murging with a yet-to-be named site that I am working on, as the zelda division. Updates and links when avalible ^_^

March 25
No real updat, just wana let you know that I'm working on a new layout. stick with me, it'll be ready soon:)

March 4
I have a new affiliat... and I have had some applications, and a mconsidering them, but don't let that deter you is you want to apply:)

February 7
Well, I decided that I can't handle this site on my own. Soo... I am taking applications for staff members! Click on the Join Staff link to go get more details.

January 1
Happy New Year!!!!!

December 2
Lessi... NEW AFFILIATE!!! Game Central : 3, check it out by clicking the little button on the affiliates bar!

November 27
Hi! Sorry I don't update much, I am much busy^_^() But in lighter news, I GOT A GAME CUBE!!!!! Man, I love B-days!!! *Rejoices*

November 19
Yay! I finnaly made that big update I've been promising!!! Sorda. I added a Hyrule Atleled. Their is a bid map of Hyrule. Cluck on the area you want info on. Cool, neh? Well, none of the info pages are up yet... but they will be soon! Untll then, you have a really cool map to goggle at:)
October 31
Happy Halloween! been real bisy, but a REAL update is coming soon!

October 5th
Sorry I haven't updated in a wile... I'm been working on my new Digimon site! Check it out here! I know it dosen't look as nice as this site, but I didn't have DBZFreak design that layout :P

September sumthing
Ok... this is just a Just-to-let-you-know-I'm-still-alive-update. ok?

September 12
Well, you all must know about the terrist attack by now. Me deepest condolinces to the fammilies of those killed yesterday. May they rest in peace.

September 10
Well, I didn't get the Hyrulian Warps[links] page up, but I got something better-DOWNLOADS!!! So, enjoy my little collection of songs and stuff^_^

August 26
Well, I added a counter and guest book, and transfered over a fic from my old site. This new site is slowly developing. Hyrulian Warps should be up by my next update.

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